A bizarre interview with a famous actor raises dust between fans

Hollywood actor Sean Penn did not just burn a cigar during Stephen Colbert’s talk show, but also answered questions under the influence of sleeping pills.

“I’m fine,” said Penn, when Colbert, at the start of the interview, asked him how he was. “You caught me by the action of Ambien, which I had to drink last night because of the night flight,” he added.

When Colbert asked him how Sean Penn of Ambien differs from Sean Penn who is not on Ambien, the actor said that there was essentially no difference. Colbert then pulled out an ashtray because Penn burned a cigar.

“Please do not smoke again. It’s not that I’m bothered, I mean, and my parents smoked, so cigarettes give me happy memories of childhood. But, you know, we want to be with you for a long time, and these things are bad for you, said Colbert.

Penn’s answer was that “smoking provides safe work for oncologists”.

However, in most of the interview, the actor spoke about his new book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”, for a seller of septic tank that becomes a killer.

Since the majority of the statements at the beginning of the show were humorous, the fans of Pen were thrilled by the interview, although some of them expressed concern about his health, saying his voice was shaking and his body trembled.

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