Al Pacino will play 39-year-old Jimmy Hofa in Martin Scorsese’s film “The Irishman”


Martin Scorsese has just completed the shooting of his upcoming mafia epic, the “Irishman” who tells the true story of a paid killer Frank Shirren (starring Robert De Niro) and his confrontation with former Timsters syndicate leader Jimmy Hofa (starring Al Pacino), whose unresolved disappearance many prescribe to Shiran.


As previously announced, the movie worth more than $140 million will use CGI technology from “Industrial Light and Magic” to redeem De Niro and Pacino, who will play the characters at different stages of their lives. It’s a risky move, but we remain cautiously optimistic.




During a recent showdown with Bill Simmons, Pacino discussed the shooting experience when a 77-year-old man was assigned

to play Hof at the age of 39.


“I was playing Jimmy Hofa at the age of 39, now they do it on a computer,” Pacino said. “We went through all those tests and things … Someone would come to me and say:” You are 39 years old. “[You remember] a small part as if you were 39 years old, and your body was trying to bow to think that this is true. They remind you of that.”



He also discussed how scenes of computer-mounted cameras were shot, and were programmed to capture actors of different ages. The predicted result is that they will appear physically transformed into each staff. We will see how it will look all that next year, when the film will go to Netflix.


Joe Peschi, Harvey Caitle, Bobby Canavale and Action Bronson also appear in the “Irishman”. At what age will be the rest is still not known?

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