Allegri for Debbie’s mysterious lunch: I hope Cholio turned out to be a gentleman

Most of the Italian media reported today that Paulo Angelo has a great chance to finish at Atletico Madrid next season, all after a very unexpected meeting arrived a while ago, which thanks to the Spanish media did not remain a secret.



The Spanish Spanish media “caught” Dibala and Chulo Simeone as having a joint lunch at an elite restaurant in Madrid, all of which began with silent speculation, until today, that Dibala will be the replacement for Antoine Grisman of “Wanda Metropolitan” from the start of next season.


Such rumors spread rapidly in the world sports public, and since Massimiliano Allegri held a press conference this afternoon in the wake of the derby match between Juventus and Milan, which plays tomorrow in Turin, there was a chance to give an interesting response to this issue.


– These are things that can happen, I hope Simeone was the one who called Debbie to lunch together, and I also hope that a gentleman turned out and he paid the bill. The host should always settle the bill. Besides, nobody can deny that they may have accidentally met in the restaurant, – Allegri pointed out laughing, making it clear that he does not give any importance to the current speculation for the Argentine’s departure.

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