Allegri warned four? – In Juventus no one is untouchable!

Massimiliano Allegri has all the players available, before Juventus maybe the most important season of the season, but is there some sort of intolerance in the dressing room?

When everyone thought the “old lady” entered the desired form, the Champions League draw against Sporting was followed. It was in this match that the team’s first star, Paolo Dibala, reportedly received the latest warning about his behavior.

As Toulosport writes, Dibala reacted after being replaced in the aforementioned match. The reputable media says that if Dibala repeated the behavior in the following matches, she will be fined and maybe sent to the stands.

However, allegedly, Dibala was not the only one who had been warned here by Alex Sandro, Mario Mandzukic and Douglas Costa. Allegri in the dressing room said that nobody is untouchable and that there is a sufficient number of players.

In addition, problems with certain comments of Claudio Marquisio’s wife appeared. The Italian, who is an icon of Juventus, lost its place in the team after the injury last season and this season only played 76 minutes.

Allegri now has all the players available, Benedict could be debuted by Hovides, and Piazza started training in tomorrow’s game against the weakest team in the league, we might see football players who did not get much opportunity to prove this season.

Then Juve is waiting for the derby with Barcelona, ​​as well as Inter, visiting Sampdoria and Napoli, before them is an extremely important period and it is clear that some things should look better.

It is known that in Juventus they do not make a compromise, the club is always in the first place, and the last example was Leonardo Bonucci.

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