Blackberries – Treasures of nature

The blackberry is a prickly plant that reaches a height of 2-3 meters. Colors in white to pink blossoms, and the fruits are black and juicy. Colors from May to June, and then yields a fruit that ripens in the summer until it becomes black, juicy and soft. Over 100 species of blackberries are known. Everyone is equally healthy, delicious and healing, and we will not make a mistake about using them.

The blackberry is considered an exceptional medicinal plant. Except that the fruit is very healthy for consumption, and the leaves of the blackberry are extremely good for the preparation of tea, because they contain ingredients that would be of particular benefit to our body.

The tea from the leaf leaf has long been used as a means to relieve the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose, throat, oral cavity, and so on. Generally speaking, black leaf tea is useful for all types of inflammation.

The juice made from a mature blackberry is of great benefit to our body. It improves immunity, improves circulation, is useful in anemic people, old and feeble, improves concentration and plays a preventative role in combating tumor changes in the body, because the ingredients found in the blackberry protect cells and improve their biological functions.

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