The new king of the SUV class or total failure? This is the most expensive car in the world

If the traditional SUV cars are monotonous and money is no problem, then the unmanaged company “Carlmann” can offer you something completely different. For two million dollars, the ambitious brand at your address will be delivered by a futuristic teenager who, with his style, relentlessly resembles a vehicle that Batman would wear on the movie […]

Range Rover Velar named the world’s most beautiful car

Range Rover Velar was named the most beautiful car in the world and won the “The World Car Design Of The Year” as part of the 2018 World Car Awards. Velar offers a unique combination of excellent design and engineering integrity, bringing glamor, modernity and elegance to the Range Rover family. “Range Rover Velar is […]

BMW introduced the new X4

BMW at the Geneva Motor Show presented the second generation of the Coupe-Crossover X4. Although this is a completely new generation, the BMW X4 for 2019 does not differ much from the design of the exterior with the current model. The changes are most visible at the rear of the car where BMW decided to […]

These are the impressive possibilities of Tesla autopilot

Although numerous criticisms arrive at the expense of Tesla’s technologies, the fact is that the autopilot of this company represents the future of technologies when it comes to cars. Advanced technology, artificial intelligence and advanced sensors represent the future of the automotive industry, but no matter how advanced the Tesla autopilot is, however, Ilon Mask […]

These are the best concepts at the Geneva Motor Show

With concept cars in Geneva Motor Show, car companies are practically trying to show us in what direction the ideas and design of their future cars will develop. This year at the Geneva Motor Show, numerous companies presented their new models, but also in Switzerland, several concepts shone that left the attendees without words. We […]