The world’s most famous model has admitted complaining about some photo shoots of the past

The model Cindy Crawford was at the peak of his fame in the 1990s. Not a single show was held on which she was not a star, and today in 52, she admits that there are things she complains about. In an interview with magazine “Town & Country” she has shown that she remains a […]

The Starlet experienced clinical death during aesthetic surgery

American teenage star and starler Heidi Montag experienced clinical death during the last aesthetic surgery. Although she is a young mother, she began a series of serious surgeries that cost her life a bit in the desire to return to her old age. Heidi has scheduled ten operations in one day, corrected the chest, remove […]

We will soon see Antonio Banderas in the role of Picasso

The “Neshnal Geographic” network again manages to attract the attention of the audience. After the first season of the series “Genius” with Geoffrey Rush in the role of Albert Einstein, a new season for Picasso follows, and will be interpreted by Antonio Banderas. The actor for the purpose of shooting removed his eyebrows, which attracted […]

Pregnant Eva Longoria appeared in a tight dress and the world stopped for a moment …

The forty-three year old Eva Longoria is at the end of her pregnancy and the woman simply shines! The actress was a guest in Jimmy Kimmel’s show and for that occasion she was dressed in a tight, short white dress in combination with a sweater of the same color, which easily falls and makes it […]

The Hollywood actress was overshadowed yesterday by her 14-year-old daughter

Another show was held in New York yesterday evening as part of the fashion show “Dolce & Gabbana Women’s Couture Fashion”, and Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones was among the celebrity guests who has been in the center of attention for her new film in recent months. The actress is also known as 25-year-old actor Michael […]

The Latino diva will start selling cosmetics, will it overshadow Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner?

At the end of the month, April 26, the sale of the cosmetic line founded by Latino Jennifer Lopez was announced. Will her line succeed to overshadow the Sisters Kardashian – Jenner who are also promoting their cosmetic lines these days, remains to look. “I have been waiting for this for a long time, but […]

A bizarre interview with a famous actor raises dust between fans

Hollywood actor Sean Penn did not just burn a cigar during Stephen Colbert’s talk show, but also answered questions under the influence of sleeping pills. “I’m fine,” said Penn, when Colbert, at the start of the interview, asked him how he was. “You caught me by the action of Ambien, which I had to drink […]

The daughter of the famous model grew up in beautiful beauty: “I feel free to pose naked”

The daughter of famous supermodel Christie Brinkley began to walk in the footsteps of her mother. 19-year-old Seylor Lee Brinkley-Cook deals with modeling, and is usually photographed for magazines and fashion catalogs for underwear and bathing suits. The super-model of the 80s, Christie Brinkley, is still engaged in modeling despite having been 64 years old […]

Hollywood’s “Bad Boy” for 12 years was sober, but feared that he could return to old habits

Sometimes the famous “bad boy” from Hollywood, Colin Farrell, 41, 12 years ago, stopped drinking and using narcotics. That’s what happened after he made the film “Miami Powers,” a film that he did not remember at all. Now, after celebrating a decade of non-use of drugs and alcohol, he again applied for rehabilitation. According to […]

She is not natural anymore, the model has angered her fans

Instagram showed a new selfie photo by model Kendall Jenner, and fans admired certain changes to her face that are convinced that it was a plastic surgery. Whether the top model has gone to the trends used by her sisters, see the photo. Kendall Jenner’s model was until recently considered to be one of the […]

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