Cross: I do not want to have this same life …

Tony Cross has missed the last few matches of Real Madrid for injury and has much more time to do his duty to the media, and in his address to Esquire, the star of the “royal club” spoke about the life that he waiting for the end of the football career.

Many top players after the end of the toy careers decide to engage in coaching, a scenario that simply does not see as ideal for themselves a German player who says that the soccer pace is really hard to sustain.

– I do not want to be a trainer, I do not want to have the same life as now. I do not want to continue with regular flights, without spending time in my home. Coaching life is even worse, in such a situation you are responsible for the whole team. So I do not see myself as a coach and I do not want to be a coach, “Kros claims.

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