Dear women, never accept less than what you deserve

Dear women, you deserve respect. You deserve someone who will take care of you, but who will encourage you too. You deserve to be considered wealth, and your vulnerability will not be used against you.

You deserve to be spotted, valued and loved. Be respected.

You deserve a person who will be next to you. Do not be offered only gifts and things, but also support for what the first ones are. You deserve a partner who will help you build, not someone who will destroy you. You deserve someone beside yourself who will love you strong and powerful, and not who will fight to be stronger than you.

You deserve love, kindness, and care. You deserve a voice that will be encouraging, not commanding and authoritative. Especially when he does not agree with you.

You deserve everything you give to this world – passion, love, strength, and concern. Someone who does not feel less man if he is with you and wants you. Someone who does not want to change, but will change, grow and ripen with you. Do not allow anything less than what you deserve. Nothing less than the value you give in this world.

Do not mix passion with love, possessiveness with love and wishes with true love. Do not think that somebody’s selfishness means love. Do not let anything that does not look right and true, have such power to destroy you.

No man who loves you will not want to overtake you, no one who loves you will not want to ruin your light, nor do you ask to change, in the name of love. No one who loves you will not treat you with disdain, will not ignore you and try to put you in a place where you feel frightened or unsafe.

It’s not love, it’s manipulating.

Love is never easy, but it is not created to destroy you. Do not put on a pedestal men who do not deserve to look at them. Do not change for them and do not think that the mistake lies in you.

You do not say that it is love, because it is everything but love.

You deserve a person who will love you, encourage you, which will inspire you and help you become stronger.

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