Everyone deserves happiness in this world

Everyone deserves to wake up with a smile on his face. Everyone deserves to feel alive and fulfilled. Be excited to contribute to this world. Be excited about your dreams and goals.

Every person in this world deserves to be loved. Each of us deserves to be with a person who respects and loves him and makes him feel at the top of the world. That person is the one who makes the effort that chooses you every day and who is willing to make the world for your happiness.

No one in this world deserves pain and remorse. Nor the same life as his parents. If you are sad and moody and think that you deserved a bad and sad destiny, do not despair. Sad times are difficult, but they do not last forever. Raise your head up, face up with the things that give your life and give courage and support to fight them.

Write your lucky story. Make sure you get what you want and do not let anyone else decide whether you deserve to be happy and in which way you will do it. Sometimes you will feel like a black sheep, and sometimes as the greatest winner, and then you will learn that the world is not black and white. There are many nuances of grief and a million nuances of happiness.

You deserve to love yourself, to put yourself as a priority, to be your biggest friend. You deserve to determine your strengths and weaknesses, to understand your value in the world and to leave those who fail to see such value and power that you own.

You deserve happiness. Do not trust people that happiness is an illusion, they do not know how to be happy. Rejoice in small things, do not wait for big things and great gestures. Do not be disappointed by yourself, do not give too much criticism. Just believe in yourself, and in good times they will come.

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