Ferrari started from beginning until the victory!

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel started today with a win in the first race of this year’s Formula One Championship for Australia’s Grand Prix in Melbourne.

Vettel for the second time in a row won the “Albert Park”, and a total third time in the career of this track.

Vettel wins thanks to good driving, but also a good strategy because he entered the box while the virtual safety car appeared on the track.

From the box office came out ahead of Hamilton, retained the lead and reached 48 career wins.

Third place went to Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen, ahead of Daniel Ricardo of the Red Bull and Fernando Alonso of McLaren.

The Red Bull driver, Max Vercheden finished sixth, and seventh was Nico Hulkenberg of Renault. The points were won by Valteri Botas from Mercedes, Stoffel Vandorn from McLaren and Renault Carlos Sainz.

The next race in the championship of the program is on April 8 for the Grand Prix of Bahrain.

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