Foods to avoid diabetics

Carbohydrates cause a rise in blood sugar levels. Foods that have a lower level of carbohydrates are richer in protein. If you do not have diabetes, your body should be able to react rapidly when entering a larger amount of sugar and return to normal.

If you have diabetes and do not excrete enough insulin, foods rich in carbohydrates will cause a worsening of the condition of the blood and can cause high levels of blood glucose, nerve, kidney and heart damage.

White food

White food may raise the level of sugar. This type of food includes pasta, white bread, white rice, white flour, etc. Such foods are digested easily and absorbed in the same way as sugar. That’s why when eating such foods, sugar can rise sharply and then drop immediately.

This will lead you to a situation of increased amounts of energy and its instantaneous decline, as this food does not supply the body with the nutrients needed to maintain the level of energy. To avoid such sudden changes in blood sugar levels, white food should be replaced by its alternative: brown rice, corn flour, corn pasta, etc.


Foods that contain a significant amount of sugar will cause a rise in blood sugar levels that will result in a sudden change again. This food includes: sweets, desserts, soft drinks, etc. Other names for these products are: brown sugar, turnip sugar, raw sugar, maple syrup, corn syrup with high fructose levels.

For diabetics, this food can be eaten hastily to help raise blood sugar levels if it has previously fallen prey. Sweets are good for diabetics to carry with them and eat them if the blood sugar level drops below 3.5 mmol / L. Also, carbonated drinks are quickly absorbed in the body and increase the drop in blood sugar level. It is important not to eat too much sugar in order to avoid excessive increase in blood sugar levels.


Fruits contain sugars that are easily absorbed and can cause elevated blood sugar levels. The difference in fruit is that the level of sugar is much lower than in sweets and also the fruit contains also fiber. These fibers actually help the body control the blood sugar level. Plant fibers can not be broken down to sugar, as is the case with carbohydrates.

That’s why fruits help maintain energy and is a great alternative for sweets for people with diabetes who have weaker levels of blood sugar levels.

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