Full hit for Lamborghini: The Urus Jeep is a real hit on the market

Italian Lamborghini obviously made the right decision when it decided to join the SUV market – Urus will only be sold in more than a thousand copies in 2018.

Certainly, the price of about 200 thousand dollars is not too big for those who have a deeper pocket and do not deviate from the “habit” to ride in the super-sports cars. And, for Lamborghini Urus, if you have that money, it is paid to be spent on such a SUV and how.

It’s not a limited edition, but it’s unlikely to see it on the roads. Currently, this SUV is a real hit among the competition, and Lamborghini estimates that by the end of this year they will sell for a thousand copies of Urus.

In 2017, Lamborghini sold 3815 cars, and with the growing demand for Urus, that number of cars sold by the Italian manufacturer at the end of 2018 should climb to 5,000.

For Lamborghini, also the great news is that more than 70% of Urus buyers have never owned a car from this company, which means that with the new SUV Italian company attracted new buyers.

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