Gigi Hadid: As for the future, it will be what is judged

One of the most famous couples has decided to end his romance.

It’s about the singer Zane Malik and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid who confirmed the news about their parting. The two wrote individual press releases on their profiles, but although they explain that feelings between the two partners are cool, there is still a strange emphasis on possible reconciliation.

After the news was spread by the media, the famous singer traced his ex girlfriend and her mother Yolanda. He only has 29 people on his Instagram account, and has more than 27 million followers. On the other hand, Gigi Hadid follows 873, followed by almost 39 million followers.

Interestingly, Zain Malik is among the 873 people he is following. The two were in a relationship for more than two years, and speculated and secretly believed. Malik had even tattooed the eyes of the former girlfriend on his chest, so fans are curious about what she will do in the future with her.

-Jiggy and I had an incredible and entertaining relationship full of love. I continue to respect her and appreciate her as a wife and friend. She has an incredible soul. I am grateful to our fans who respect our difficult decision and privacy, we are sorry that we did not publish this news first. We love you all, wrote the singer on his Twitter account.

– Announcements for brake-up are largely impersonal because there is no way for words to show what two people have survived for several years.
Not only in this connection, but also in life. I will always be grateful for the love, the time and the life lessons that I and Zeine experienced together. I wish him all the best and I will continue to support him as a friend. As for the future, it will be what is judged, wrote Gigi.

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