Healthy habits before and after exercise

Healthy habits before and after exercise

You want to make healthy habits and exercises, and excellent and stressful training is only a small part of a healthy lifestyle and your efforts can be easily sabotaged if you do not continue your healthy lifestyle and after exercise so you never do these things after the end of exercise:

Do not get enough fluids

The majority of people are chronically dehydrated. You should drink water continuously. This is especially important if you sweat more! Drink enough fluids before, while exercising and especially after exercise.

Taking too much calories

You can not expect great results with the wrong diet! Give your body light proteins and carbohydrates and low-fat fats, so they can affect your muscles and complement lost nutrients as soon as possible.

You forget to stretch

Heating and cooling are part of the exercise. Your muscles will be in a much better condition if you treat them properly and take a stretch after exercise.

After completing the training, spend the rest of the day in a horizontal position

Just because you were in training does not mean that you are free until the end of the day. Let your movement become your daily routine and way of life. Do not drive by lift – climb stairs, leave your work desk at an hour to drink a glass of water, walk instead of sitting. That extra movement of the day is really meaningful!

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