Hollywood’s “Bad Boy” for 12 years was sober, but feared that he could return to old habits

Sometimes the famous “bad boy” from Hollywood, Colin Farrell, 41, 12 years ago, stopped drinking and using narcotics. That’s what happened after he made the film “Miami Powers,” a film that he did not remember at all.

Now, after celebrating a decade of non-use of drugs and alcohol, he again applied for rehabilitation.

According to Daily Mail, an Irish actor applied to the clinic for treatment of addiction in Arizona. It is one of the most luxurious clinics of that kind in which the monthly stay costs 36,000 dollars. Selena Gomez, Kevin Spacey, Kate Moss, Tiger Woods and El MacPherson stayed in the same clinic.

Sources close to the actor say that he did not begin to drink again and to take drugs, but he was under severe stress last year and felt that he could again succumb. In order not to come to that, he decided to apply for rehabilitation.

Last year, Farrell made three films and was aware of his condition and decided to maintain control over his addiction.

Meadows will spend 45 days with the “Gentle Path” program, and there will be a fitness room, horse riding, yoga, tie chi, acupuncture and meditation.

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