Introduction to Anatomy: She is the highest-paid TV actress, but because of her high fee, other female characters receive a rejection?

Continuing the contract for another two years and staying in the TV series An Introduction to Anatomy by actress Ellen Pompeo has earned them the status of the highest paid television star, which now earns $ 20 million per season.

Last year, she was ranked third in the prestigious list of top-paying TV actors, and this was a big rebound and incredible success for her. Numerous popular stars congratulated on this status, but it was also said that the amount of the actor’s fee influenced the departure of other female characters in the series.

Namely, it was settled that Jessica Kepsho and Sarah Drew had left the show because the production did not have enough money to pay their fees, the foreign portals transmitted.

“It’s not true, I’m not involved in those decisions, but there are some problems with the upcoming season, one of which is the creativity required by the creator of the series to give viewers new stories that will intrigue them. it’s hard when people leave, no matter what the cause behind it, “said Ellen Pompeo when she was in the show of Ellen Dijgeners.

She used the opportunity to talk about the equal pay between men and women, as well as the increased remuneration that she definitely deserved.

“Sometimes you have to go through painful and difficult moments to give them an example to people.” After my interview with Hollywood Reporter came out, many women turned to me and shared their experience. “It touched me so much. I think that we women, sometimes we are afraid to ask, so we will be silent because they taught us so. That is why I think it’s time to change it, to support each other. “” Let’s be mutual support, “said the 48-year-old actress.

“Maybe it’s just the Catholic spirit that I’ve grown up with or in all the women it is, but you just do not want to be greedy for more.” In contrast, a man would have no problem asking for nearly $ 600,000 per episode. is normal. We must first consult with friends, check whether we are asking too much and whether we will be insolent about it, “concluded Ellen.

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