Is it better to consume water before or after eating? Experts have the answer

We all know that water is essential for good health, but many wonder when it is best to consume it – in the morning on an empty stomach, during eating or before going to bed?

Experts have an answer to that question. Many dietitians consider that a glass of water before eating or during a meal can help you to lower your appetite and lose weight. Water creates a feeling of satiety, and thus avoids overeating.

Individual nutritionists think that water is not good for consumption during meals, but after you have finished eating. The reason for this is that water dilutes the stomach acid, that is, it disturbs the pH value that is needed for decomposition and absorption of food. This slows down digestion, which can cause many digestive problems and bloating.

“Consuming water immediately after eating tends to break down the stomach juices, thereby diluting the enzymes that are important for digestion. This can result in less secretion of digestive enzymes that can lead to the formation of zucchini and acids in the stomach, “explains Dr. Anja Sud.

When should you really need to consume water and why?

• 2 cups of water in the morning as soon as you become in order to activate the work of the internal organs

• 2 cups of water thirty minutes before eating for better digestion

• 1 cup of water before showering – in order to avoid the rise in blood pressure

• 1 cup of water before bed – helps prevent brain and heart attack

What happens to your body when you drink only water instead of juices?

• Easier and faster you lose the extra pounds

• You will get more energy, and the metabolism will accelerate

• Better concentration

• You will remove harmful toxins from the body

• You will have hydrated, shiny and smooth skin

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