LIFE ON THE COURT! Are you sure it’s easy to “live like a Queen?

The British, but also people from all over the world, are watching every step of the British royal family with care. Whether their popularity contributed to the charism of the late Lady Diane, the longevity and unbreakable spirit of Queen Elizabeth II, or the sweetness of the young family of Prince William and his Kate – the issue is intrigued by many, but their popularity is undeniable.

Many fans know the full names of all family members, the way to the throne, and even some less familiar details of the royal genealogy tree. But, regardless of the daily paparazzi photos and news reports, it’s sometimes difficult to figure out what royal family members actually do on a daily basis.

Sure, they are not worry about money. Well, if they do not have to work, then they work from morning to night – many people are asking.

Let’s start with the most important person of the British throne, Queen Elizabeth II. The 90-year-old William’s grandmother has a well-filled calendar of diverse daily activities that include, among other things, diplomatic trips, hostages of heads of state, the opening of parliamentary sessions, awards and social gatherings with meritorious citizens and performers of various duties in the fields of art, military, science.

The British Telegraph recently reported that in the past, the queen did more than 341 such an event in 2015, which is more than the total number of official assignments carried out by Prince Harry, Prince William and his wife, Kate, in that year. Impressive is the number of working obligations for a 90-year-old woman.

With all state obligations, the Queen can boast of enviable humanitarian work. At its 90th birthday in April 2016, it was announced that she personally sponsored even 600 humanitarian organizations. Nevertheless, it has recently arrived from the Buckingham Palace that some of the roles in these organizations will still be left to younger family members. Because, one of their tasks is precisely that – to support the queen and to be where she is prevented from being.

If we are talking about the royal family as a team of people working together, we come to the data that 70,000 guests host annually, perform over 2000 various duties and meetings and, no less important, respond to even 100,000 letters, learns Independent.

Queen’s husband Philip is personally in charge of 800 humanitarian organizations, while their oldest son, Charles, in his wife Camille’s wife, often travels to various state events and visits around the world. William and Kate in their schedule also have frequent obligatory overseas trips, as well as those in their native UK.

Several members of the royal family over the years occasionally worked on jobs that were not related to the titles they wear. Thus, for example, Queen Edward’s youngest son had worked for Andrew Lloyd Webber Theater, while his wife had a private PR agency. Elizabeth’s son Andrew worked in government, and Anne, the only Queen’s daughter, played as an Olympic athletes in the British Equestrian team.

The family also has a long military history. The queen, her three sons, and grandchildren William and Harry served in the British army.

These royal names are therefore fully occupied with the obligations imposed upon them by their birth. However, there are several exceptions in their ranks. Thus, for example, the queen of grandchildren Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, currently the seventeenth and eighteenth name in line for the throne, have daily, ‘ordinary’ civil affairs. Eugenie is the assistant director in the art gallery, while Beatrice, in her words, has a career in the business world. Prince Michael, the queen’s brother, has his own consulting firm, and his wife is an interior designer.

A loving member of the most popular British family, Prince William, along with royal obligations, is also employed as a pilot at the East Anglian Air Ambulance. However, lately they have leaked information that the prince will soon be fully committed to the family and obligations at court.

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