Lose weight with an Indian diet, expect the first results in seven days

In Indian cuisine, the most common products are rice, boiled vegetables, nuts, black tea with supplements such as milk, cinnamon and curry. This diet is based only on these groceries. Rice in Indian culture is eaten with little curry and cinnamon, and sometimes it is an integral rice.

In addition we reveal this popular diet that will give you the first results in seven days.

First day
Breakfast: Cucumber salad and green vegetables are optional, have a cup of black tea

Lunch: Cooked chicken, spinach, a glass of milk

Dinner: Salad with apples, carrots and spoon honey

Second day
Breakfast: Three boiled eggs, 200 milliliters of milk

Lunch: Cooked beans or lentils, a cup of black tea

Dinner: Five tablespoons cooked rice

Third day
Breakfast: Two oranges, 10 almonds

Lunch: Six tablespoons of rice, celery, a cup of black tea

Dinner: rice soup, fatty diets without fat

Fourth day
Breakfast: Banana, a glass of fat-free milk

Lunch: Five tablespoons cooked rice, dinasty vegetables (everything except potato)

Dinner: Dough black tea, cooked vegetables optional

Fifth day
Breakfast: Tomato salad and peppers with little olive oil

Lunch: Seven tablespoons cooked rice, spinach, 200 milliliters of milk, olive oil

Evening: Banana and grapefruit

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