Milk after any fitness training or cardio exercises

Consuming milk after stressful fitness exercises is associated with the accumulation of muscle mass and fat loss compared to the consumption of energy-based energy drinks, a survey conducted among women who have exercised fitness exercises at least 2 times during the week.

McMaster University doctors have found that women who consume 2 cups of milk after heavy physical exercises (weight lifting) have significantly better results.

The authors recall the previous study that similar results were observed in the male sex.

Strenuous exercise is usually not a typical choice for women, but the study found that exercise is associated with many health benefits such as energy recovery, bone durability and improved metabolic parameters.

Within the 3-month period, the team tracked out 256 young women who practiced heavier physical exercises. After each training, some women consumed 500 ml of low calorie milk, while the rest of them – water and sugar based drinks.

Women who consumed milk added relatively little weight – mainly because of the balance in terms of pure mass / fat loss accumulation.

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