Neymar, Kane, Grizzman … This man today would be worth 433 million euros!

Neymar is the most expensive paid player in the world, Paris Saint Germain, for his services last summer in Barcelona and paid a huge 222m euros.

However, in a recent study by OppenEconomic, published on the website, it is estimated that Ronaldo’s transfer to the present day would cost 433m euros.

Ronaldo after delighting the world in a season in the jersey of Barcelona, ​​scored 47 goals in 49 games in 1997, moved to Milan Inter Milan for 28 million euros, breaking the then record for a second time in his career.

At that time, it was an incredible amount of money, but Inter invested it and paid off because “Il Phenomeno” scored 59 goals on 99 appearances despite problems with the injuries.

According to him at the top of his career, his transfer from Barca to Inter, according to Playratings, would amount to 433 million euros, almost double the value of Neymar’s transfer.

The list of the most expensive transfer according to “Playratings” was dominated by transfers from Serie A, so the transfer of Maradona to Napoli would be worth 345m euros, while Platini’s transfer to Juventus would reach a value of 334m euros.

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