Now officially: Ibrahimovic is no longer a player of Manchester United

Ibrahimovic soon signs for a new club.

Manchester United confirmed more than half an hour ago that he is breaking the deal with Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The club on its official Twitter account thanked the 36-year-old Swede for contributing to the club in the past period and wished him luck in his future career.

Regardless of the fact that Ibrahimovic signed a new one-year deal with the devil in August, Ibrahimovic failed to win a place in United’s first team, and for that, knee injury, which had long been out of the field, contributed to that.

This season, Ibrahimovic played only seven games (five in the Premier League) and scored one goal in the League Cup.

Ibrahimovic is expected to sign a deal with the MLS league, Los Angeles Galaxy in the next few days.

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