Poor tires and bad driving – risk not only after your life, but also by others in traffic

It is often forgotten that the tire is the only contact with the road. It is understandable that its quality and accuracy have a crucial impact on security; and vice versa – poor quality and defective rubber – is like a ticking bomb, which awaits most often the most unfavorable moment ….

Under the influence of economic factors, which do not push us to buy as cheaply – often with tire purchases, huge compromises are made with the quality. Tires with poor driving properties are selected – poor steering, braking and service life. But also, as a justification for their actions, drivers often want to blur in front of occurrences that the tire will never forget, which are: rapid acceleration, sudden braking, excessive velocity in the velocity, fast driving, holes in the hole, curb, pavement or stone, inadequate tire pressure (too low or too high), wearing a larger load than the one for which the tires are suitable, etc.

Invisible damage accumulates and will show after a certain period, unfortunately, perhaps at the most adverse moment.

Traffic experts advise you to choose tires that will be appropriate for the car and the weather, ie to use summer tires in the summertime, and vice versa.
They also point out the importance of frequent tire checks, such as: track and tire pressure control, centering control, and not forget to make the rotation of the tires in order to extend their lifespan . Rotation is recommended for every 8,000-10,000 kilometers spent, in order to keep them evenly.

If you can not avoid dangerous places, drive slowly and at right angles. Respect the maximum permissible payload, including the coupling pressure of the trailer towing the vehicle.
Tires when in good condition provide safety and stability in driving, allow timely stop and react quickly, especially in difficult weather conditions.

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