Pregnant Eva Longoria appeared in a tight dress and the world stopped for a moment …

The forty-three year old Eva Longoria is at the end of her pregnancy and the woman simply shines!

The actress was a guest in Jimmy Kimmel’s show and for that occasion she was dressed in a tight, short white dress in combination with a sweater of the same color, which easily falls and makes it look really wonderful in this quite courageous combination.

The happy pregnant woman who did not allow pregnancy to hinder her work – on the contrary, she continued to lead a very active life and dress as she wanted, and not just as the others expected – she did not stop laughing and happily working.

Happily, as we rarely have the opportunity to see the actresses, although they are accustomed to all their lives laughing in front of the cameras. But, at first glance, the difference between a false and real smile is clear. The actress recently revealed she was waiting for a boy and enjoying her blessed state.

“I feel stronger at this stage of pregnancy. The life I share with my son is wonderful. It makes me very happy and my husband admires me because I work in the last days of pregnancy,” says the charming Eva for People.

She added that she is happy that she is waiting for a boy – since she will be surrounded by a strong woman from a small woman.

“My son will be surrounded by very strong, educated, powerful women, and I think it is important to have such examples in his life so he knows in the future to support them and respect them,” said the actress waiting for her first child .

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