Revenge Edition: Selena Gomez in a jersey with a clear message to Justin Bieber

The singer, with her styling, confirmed what she has been talking about for some time in public.

After last autumn, Selena Gomez decided to give her another chance of her teenage love, she with the inscription on the jersey made it clear she did not want to “have a job” with Justin Bieber.

The singer knew that the paparazzi would photograph her coming out with her friends, so she decided for this vengeful outfit. But, unlike many other glorious ladies who had revengeed their former partners through sex appeal, Selena sent a message to Bieber through the inscription on her jersey.

“Never underestimate the female power,” she wrote on her yellow short-sleeved shirt, which combined her with a jeans jacket, short denim pants and white sneakers.

Selena supplemented her retro look with large gold earrings and an excellent shoe in striking colors.

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