She is not natural anymore, the model has angered her fans

Instagram showed a new selfie photo by model Kendall Jenner, and fans admired certain changes to her face that are convinced that it was a plastic surgery. Whether the top model has gone to the trends used by her sisters, see the photo.

Kendall Jenner’s model was until recently considered to be one of the most beautiful and naturalest girls from the Kardashian-Jenner clan. That’s why her latest photo, released by her hairdresser, Jen Atkin, brushed fans completely.

“And it was beautiful before. Now you look swollen. Please stop before it’s too late.” “She is naturally beautiful, but I do not really like putting lipstick fillers like Kylie and Chloe’s sisters. She does not need it,” they were part of the comments.

Although many negative comments appear under this photo, there are those who are confident that they are photoshop or bad Instagram filters.

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