The best motivation for training

Motivation is one of the key factors for success in achieving exercise goals. If the motivation is at a low level at the very beginning, you will not succeed.

In a study, 90% of new practitioners give up training in the first month, and 10% continue to practice regularly or partly regularly. What is the future, if this trend continues?

If the motivation for training is for health reasons here success is guaranteed. Unfortunately, people realize how much physical activity is important only when a doctor tells them, or when they have nothing else to do for their health. With such a motive it’s nice to work, people are ready for different disclaimers in every sense, they have time to work, healthy eating is not a problem, they practice very decisively and they come to the desired results.

There are also a number of those who have been motivated by the motive, whether by friends, partners, family, and if so, the motivation is very weak, they will quickly require reasons not to practice or to eat a little more because they have been practicing . They will apply all excuses, excuses that will ultimately lead to cessation of exercise and cancellation, in which case you need to quickly find motivation that will move you and is important to you, not the people of your environment.

The best motivation for training is good feeling after the training, you have done something nice for yourself, you have invested in yourself, you will be prettier, healthier, happier. If you love this feeling, the result will come by itself, the motivation will be bigger and bigger every day. There will also be times when you will not be in the mood for exercise, but if you then force yourself to exercise, you will be happy in the end, you have not given up and you have not betrayed yourself and your body.

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