The Hollywood actress was overshadowed yesterday by her 14-year-old daughter

Another show was held in New York yesterday evening as part of the fashion show “Dolce & Gabbana Women’s Couture Fashion”, and Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones was among the celebrity guests who has been in the center of attention for her new film in recent months.

The actress is also known as 25-year-old actor Michael Douglas, and in the fifth decade she is impressed with her appearance, but yesterday night she remained in the shadow of her beautiful daughter, Carris.

Karis is only 14 years old, but she definitely did not look like this yesterday, and the girls shone in black fashion combinations and impeccable shakes. 48-year-old Catherine opted for a black cloaked dress with her corset, while her daughter shone in an interesting black overalls.

Photographs are another proof that Karis is a faithful copy of his mother.

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