The new king of the SUV class or total failure? This is the most expensive car in the world

If the traditional SUV cars are monotonous and money is no problem, then the unmanaged company “Carlmann” can offer you something completely different.

For two million dollars, the ambitious brand at your address will be delivered by a futuristic teenager who, with his style, relentlessly resembles a vehicle that Batman would wear on the movie cloth.

Based on Ford’s platform that uses the F550, the powerful Carl Zeiss SUV under the hood will have a V10 engine that will develop 400 horsepower.

Since the mass that is available is not an understatement, the maximum speed of this SUV with a length of 5,990 mm will not impress you because it is 140 kilometers per hour.

After the astronomical rate that many times exceeds all SUV models on the King’s market of “Karlman” in terms of equipment, the smallest details will meet the taste and the needs of buyers.

At the request of the customers, they said they would offer an option for ordering the King’s jeep to arrive with bulletproof armor.

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