The Starlet experienced clinical death during aesthetic surgery

American teenage star and starler Heidi Montag experienced clinical death during the last aesthetic surgery. Although she is a young mother, she began a series of serious surgeries that cost her life a bit in the desire to return to her old age.

Heidi has scheduled ten operations in one day, corrected the chest, remove the fatty tissue from the beard.

Her body suffered severe stress due to operations so that her heart stopped functioning at one point, reports the paper.

“Spencer thought it was the end, he lost me forever, he called me my security.” Such a serious undertaking caused radical measures, immediately I had the necessary care and help from the medical staff, and now I’m great. “I recalled the days when I agreed on my stupidity to do different operations. I think that’s the end of it, “Montag said in an interview in which he talked about the beauty of motherhood.

Ganor Stone is the first joint kid that Montague got with her husband Spencer Pre.

“I want him not to repeat our mistakes, to grow peacefully,” said the starlet who admitted that after her mother was asleep. She follows the baby’s rhythm in every segment, sleeps at night for two to three hours, but quite enjoys the new role.

“Ganner gave me an incredible force that I did not know I own. I’ve always loved a family, but now I’m sure this was the right moment for Spencer and I to get into the new chapter of our lives,” Montag said.

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