The world’s most famous model has admitted complaining about some photo shoots of the past

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The model Cindy Crawford was at the peak of his fame in the 1990s. Not a single show was held on which she was not a star, and today in 52, she admits that there are things she complains about.

In an interview with magazine “Town & Country” she has shown that she remains a great professional.

“During my long career, there is no shooting or a campaign I did not work on. Although, with most of them I’m not satisfied, I would forget some of them,” Cindy frankly said.

Although she has never been a victim of sexual violence, she now says she would refuse to shoot where she needs to show more skin.

“I’m sorry about some photo shoots that I did not do on my own. I do not want that to happen to my children. I do not want to turn around and regret what they once did,” said Cindy.

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