These are the impressive possibilities of Tesla autopilot

Although numerous criticisms arrive at the expense of Tesla’s technologies, the fact is that the autopilot of this company represents the future of technologies when it comes to cars.

Advanced technology, artificial intelligence and advanced sensors represent the future of the automotive industry, but no matter how advanced the Tesla autopilot is, however, Ilon Mask still does not want to risk and emphasize to its customers – the hands of the steering wheel, and the concentration at the maximum level.

Tesla’s autopilot was originally introduced in 2015, while later an improved version was introduced. Business Insider reporters highlighted some of the most impressive features of Tesla’s autopilot, which is clear that over time, it will become even safer and more sophisticated.

The models of cars presented after 2016 have eight cameras with a range of 250 meters covering 360 degrees around the vehicle so that nothing can go unnoticed.

In addition, the cars are equipped with 12 ultrasonic sensors which can recognize nearby objects, while the radar system allows for the operation of the car and in bad weather like fog, heavy rains and the like.

All new models come with hardware that allows using the advanced autopilot, but to activate it is necessary to pay 5 thousand dollars when buying a car or 6 thousand dollars for additional activation. The latest version of the autopilot can control the speed of the car according to the density of the traffic, it can cross into other lanes and independently alter the roads.

While this technology is activated and while the computer manages the car, the driver’s hands must be on the steering wheel, and if they are not on the steering wheel for a long time, the car will stop.

When Tesla car arrives at the destination, the computer can ask for a free space and park the car yourself, that is, if it is a parking garage, the driver can leave the car and the autopilot will put the vehicle in the garage itself.

The new Tesla models are already equipped with the hardware needed for a fully autonomous drive, and this will be enabled (when the necessary laws and the software will be upgraded), the computer will be at least twice as secure a driver in terms of people – so at least claims the founder of Tesla, Ilon Mask.

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