Three reasons why the exercises you do, do not work

Without a doubt, the solid core is one of the most sought after physical attributes of today. Probably so far you have learned a few tips from your trainers, but in order to emphasize your abdominal muscles, you need to be concentrated enough on the target, which means that you have a great discipline.

In the sequel, we reveal three common mistakes that encounter the way to perfectly shaped abdominal muscles.

Do not train with weights

Resistance is what stimulates muscle fibers and stimulates their growth. A repetition of 50, 60, or 100 times the same stomach exercise is great for your fitness and endurance, but include exercise with less repetitive loading.

You’re training too much

Although the abdominal muscles are rapidly recovering, since they constitute the core of the body, this does not mean that you do not have to rest at all. Daily stomach exercises can leave you with an inflammation of muscles that will prevent you from giving the maximum of yourself in the next exercise.

You’re glued to the floor

Instead of doing the exercises that require you to be glued to the floor, do exercises that involve standing, kneeling, bending, and turning. By doing this you will put emphasis on balance and stability, and in turn you will get more stimulation of muscle fibers.

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