Victory over stress and better health – the main motivational factors to start with exercise

The rapid pace of modern living brings with it a high level of fatigue and stress, and reduced time and energy. Fast living contributes to poor quality and living, poor sleep and nutrition.

In such a life, we do not pay much attention to the body and physical activity that leads to huge consequences – from excess pounds to deformities in the body, poor condition, difficulty breathing, nervousness and headaches. It’s often very difficult to get yourself to practice, but if such problems continue, they can cause enormous problems, and that’s why we have to get ourselves trained.

According to many experts, our body is created to be in motion and we are definitely not created to do the same thing in continuity in a sedentary attitude, without physical activity. It is therefore very important, before or after work, to focus on a tailored physical activity that will contribute to a balance in our life.

A lot of people are aware of this, but there are also a number that constantly delay the first step. Coaches say that besides the good looks, the first motivation factor should be our health. According to them, the motive should come from that, to overcome ourselves. But the first step starts from doing something good for ourselves – our body and health. The one who accomplishes this has already made a huge step towards success.

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