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Cardio exercises are not enough to shape the body One of the biggest fitness mistakes that women make is exclusively cardio exercises. Such a program results in a reduction in body mass, not a body shape. On the other hand, by performing strengthening exercises (pilates, push-ups, tufts) twice a week, the muscles are shaped perfectly and the metabolism is accelerated.

You do not have to lift weights to tighten your muscles. You do not have any equipment? You can achieve the same results on tightening your muscles if you use the weight of your body because of the effect of resistance.

You can do real (male) push-ups Instructions: Place your hands directly under your shoulders and stretch your legs behind the body. Tighten the abdominal muscles so your body is upright. Even if you can not make three trims continuously, you will certainly benefit.

Interval training gives faster results Intermittent cardio exercise at a slower and faster pace (for a minute or two) accelerates fat faster than exercise with the same rhythm. If you want even better results, the experts suggest interval training, during which cardio-exercises and strengthening exercises are combined: 10 minutes of cardio exercises, and then three or four strengthening exercises (for example, push-ups and tufts). Repeat this interval two more times and in less than an hour you will do exercises for the whole body.

Changing the sequence of exercises ensures that the results achieved are maintained. Our body is very “smart”: it will be adapted to every exercise mode for six weeks of exercise. If you want to achieve results and keep them, then you must enter changes to the exercise mode. However, this does not mean that you have to change it completely – just change the order of reinforcement exercises.

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