We will soon see Antonio Banderas in the role of Picasso

The “Neshnal Geographic” network again manages to attract the attention of the audience. After the first season of the series “Genius” with Geoffrey Rush in the role of Albert Einstein, a new season for Picasso follows, and will be interpreted by Antonio Banderas.

The actor for the purpose of shooting removed his eyebrows, which attracted even greater attention. The premiere is scheduled for April 24 at “Neshenal Geographic”.

Again, there are 10 episodes that will show the life of the great artist, from youth and poor days, to the days of greatest success.

The network said it was a more traditional account of Picasso’s life, and since Banderas shared his birthplace (Malaga), the choice of the actor was logical. The pleasure that he was given the challenge to find in the “skin” of the top artist is not hidden either by Antonio.

Given the fact that the first season of the series had 10 Emmy nominations and 10 prizes, becoming the most complete new series of the network with over 45 million viewers, the expectations for the second season are high.

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