With push-ups to perfect body

When it comes to strengthening the upper part of the body, rarely any exercise can give faster results than the push-ups.

Nothing is like a push-ups.

However, the “iron cross” plug makes this classical exercise even more effective, so it moves your hands away from your body. “It minimizes the contribution of triceps and deltoids, forcing the muscles of the muscles to be further strained and bear more burdens,” said BJ Gadur, a certified trainer, the creator of this training plan based on his fitness program “10-minute Torchers “, Which consists of three DVDs. Keeping this position in the 30-second period also increases the strain time of your chest muscles, which further accelerates their growth. Master this exercise and build your breasts with the help of the tips below.

In this way, the hips will stay aligned with the rest of the body, which means that the body should remain tight in the straight line from the head to the ankles of the legs. “If you let your hips loosen, you’ll stretch out your back, which can cause pain in the cross,” says Gadur, who recommends that you tighten the abdominal muscles as if you were expecting a stroke in the stomach. “By tightening the gluteal and abdominal muscles you maintain the firmness of the body and its core.”

“You need to hit the floor with your hands,” says Gadur. This additionally strengthens the activation of your chest muscles at their weakest point-when your hands are fully spread-that gives you more strength and durability. “It’s sometimes useful to imagine how you can pierce through the floor with your hands and merge them into a bear’s embrace, says Gadur. “If you can not stay in this position, with your hands straight, try to bend your knees a little.”

While doing exercises for the upper part of the body, most people usually do not think about their legs. “It’s a mistake,” says Gadur. “By pressing the toes on the floor, you engage your quadriceps, which creates a feeling of cement strength in the lower part of the body.” And that’s good. You will be more stable, and your hips will be less relaxed.

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