You decided to exercise? Here’s what you should know first

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You decided to practice? Bravo for you! It’s not just a “race” for the perfect abdominal muscles with which you will boast of your installation profile, but also health care. Every start is difficult, and if you do not know how to practice, it further aggravates the decision and endurance in regular training.

Harvard doctors could help you do that. Professor of Medicine I-Min Lee advises what we should do to get rid of excess pounds, but also to build muscle mass and preserve vital organs and bones.




Call it an almost perfect way of physical activity. It moves every muscle in our body and simultaneously accelerates cardiac action and helps maintain the heart and brain in the later life age.


Tai Chi

Although it becomes a Chinese martial art that involves gentle and slow movements, the advantages of Tai Chi in terms of physical condition and fitness are numerous. Smooth and moderate movements burn more calories from surfing and almost identical to skiing.



Walking raises the level of oxygen in the body, nourishes the bones, and gently takes down the weight, it is most important to walk softly, to keep an eye on the posture and to measure the pulse.

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