Zidane gave the first forecast for Ronaldo’s injury that scares Real fans

Cristiano Ronaldo has caused fear and panic among fans of Real Madrid because he did not play the second half of Camp Nou against Barcelona, ​​and Spanish media reported during the great derby that it was a wound injury that the Portuguese earned during the achieving the leveling goal in the first part.

Real Madrid’s first star did not appear on the pitch in the second half and was replaced by Marco Ascencio, all of which got a really big weight because “Kings” play in the most important match of the season, the grand final in the Champions League against exactly twenty days Liverpool.

So, Spanish journalists tried to find out exactly what kind of injuries it was, and Zidane gave his first forecast of the situation to Ronaldo after the match.

– At this point it does not feel good, but it will be out for a short time. It’s just about an improper movement. Tomorrow will make a magnetic resonance, after which we will know what we will do. He is not questioned for the Champions League final, do not be worried. He was a little worried, but he himself said it was a small thing, – Zidan told reporters.

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